Wedding dress according to body type

Wedding dressThe choice of wedding dress is cherished moment for any woman. However, we are all clear that in this so special day eyes, lenses and all the attention of the people are geared towards bride. Therefore, it should look more stunning. Before you dive in a variety of patterns, fabrics and decorations, however, take a deep breath and give yourself up exactly how you want to look. Our advice is not to choose a wedding dress nor according childhood fantasies or informants in wedding salons that will strongly convinced that “this is the dress.” As to the second note, it is a real rarity to find its model, which you dutifully wait on a hanger in the store. The dresses there soon will help you navigate the choices, but if you decide to get one, you’ll have to wait about a month to be applied necessary corrections. And such will be in abundance, believe us, since few women can boast a growth of over 170 cm and 60 cm below the waist. So stack up enough time, patience and a team of good friends. And here on what Models should pay particular attention according to your figure.

Body type Pear
If the upper part of your body is more slender than the lower, surely emphasize it. This can be done through bustier, V-neck or such type “boat.” As for the bottom of the dress, the most appropriate is it to be a “bell” or “princess.” Let me start by cutting the natural waist line not higher. The best stay away from models “Mermaid” or “trumpet”, because in them the emphasis is on bottom.

Wedding dress hot brideBody type Apple
The ladies who enjoy a luscious breasts and shapely legs, often complain of a few kilos in the abdomen. This shortcoming can be easily concealed in a dress that is cut starts in the chest. Heart-shaped neckline and deep V-shaped can do wonders for women with “apple” shapes! Forget organza and satin, because they will visually increase the waist.

Body type Male
Women with such forms can boast slender figures, but in contrast, are often deprived of feminine curves. Of course, with such a wide selection of fabrics, everything can be done! Dresses type “Mermaid” impression of shaped thighs and buttocks, while lace in the field of optical breast will enlarge small breasts.

Magnificent curves body type
The challenge is to find the perfect plus-size dress, due to the limited size available most wedding salons. But do not be fooled to buy only one found in larger size because they most often with large pleats, beads and whatnot. If you lavish curves, then forget about hoops and crinolines. The perfect dress for you should be made of heavy fabric, which falls freely and neck with a “hug me”.

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