Tips for perfect homemade manicure

tips manicureVery often the time is not enough to go to a good manicurist and enjoy beautiful nails. A home seemed so you can not achieve excellence alone. We will give you some great tips for perfect homemade manicure with art nails. One of the problems when waxing themselves, usually exit from the contour of the nail plate and nail polishing cuticles. For more not to let this mistake before to grab the nail, cuticles first smear of Vaseline shades. It is also nice to choose paints with a broad brush, so that one application to cover the nail. Another common problem is that most women do not have time to wait for polish to dry, which then leads to damaged nails. Speed ​​up the process by dip lacquered nails in a bowl of cold water or running cold jet dryer for a few seconds.

If you want longer lasting manicure, then try this trick – soak nails for a few seconds in distilled (white) vinegar. The use of top coat and limiting to two layers of colored nail polish instead of three also helps. One of the most difficult French manicure is as white line requires precise hand. To deal with this problem, with strips nails with masking tape so that leave only their tips, which can then lacquered in white.

Manicure homemadeUsually after being painted with bright nail polish (red, fuchsia, Turkish blue), nail plate remained stained even after passage of nail polish remover. You will make nails again bright and beautiful, if you rub lightly with whitening toothpaste. Brocade nails also be cleaned quite difficult as glittering particles can make the nail plate rough. To avoid this problem, put on each nail in a small piece of cotton on which you shot a nail polish remover. Then wrap the nail in tinfoil wrap and wait 10 minutes. You will see that then you will not encounter difficulties in removing the varnish. Always chicken nails in one direction only. Otherwise they run the risk to split or break more easily.

If your favorite nail polish is dry and you can not open it, then soak for a while in hot water and turn it upside down for a while. Neon and candy shades are perfect for summer manicure. If so and you can not find your color stand, do it yourself. First, paint your nails in white and then go over with nail polish color (blue, pink or yellow). Do not be afraid to paint your nails in more than one color. One of the best combinations between lavender and coral, mint and white, orange and white, peach and light blue, beige and pink, red and gold.

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