Tender and effective micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1

micellar waterInnovative micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1 with dexpanthenol and Grape Seed Extract cleans, removes makeup from the face and eyes and moisturize in one step. it cleans extremely gentle, yet very effective. Thanks to its micelle technology, it is not necessary to rinse, and thus does not disturb the natural skin barrier.

Micelles act as a magnet: when applied to cotton swab, they surround the oil and makeup with its center, keeping the water on its surface. Thus not dry out the skin and it is not necessary to use toner after use. Dexpanthenol, known as pro-vitamin B5, turns the skin in pantothenic acid. It is known for its ability to promote the regeneration of skin, to enhance its ability to retain moisture and to strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin. Grape seed extract is created from the seeds of grapes, which contain 15% pure oil, rich in linoleic acid, lecithin and natural antioxidants procyanidin and vitamin E. Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress, and linoleic acid is known to be effective in supporting regeneration of cells and recovery of the cell barrier.

Innovative micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1 does not contain alcohol, perfume, silicones and dyes. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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