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Adidas newest Sport collection

Adidas tenis   The German brand for sports fashion Adidas presented its newest collection fort Spring/Summer 2013 from the series Clima365. With the approaching of the summer heat all the athletes will surely need some cool during their exercises. This summer Adidas offers for the real fans of sports improved equips from the line Clima365. They will keep the body temperature, protect it from overheating, and will provide the necessary comfort to achieve the best results, regardless of the weather conditions. Clima365 is innovative technology of Adidas, which is used for the production of special fabrics in clothing and footwear for sports. The new technology keeps the skin dry during training and gives the body the necessary comfort. Clima365 is line, which ensures the high class sports dresses and top comfortability for actively engaged in sports people, but most of all is directed to the athletes.

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