Summer haircare tips

Woman hairThe hair also is exposed to stress from the change of seasons and the new temperature conditions. How to keep your hair healthy and soft as silk – see our Summer haircare tips. UV rays, high humidity, seawater – these are all factors that can turn your holiday in hell for your hair. In the absence of adequate care, it becomes dull, dry, shredded, all entangled and looks exhausted.

Although sea water is rich in minerals, in combination with the sun, it can be the enemy of healthy hair. Even more dangerous may be water in the pool if the chlorine content is higher. For this purpose you need to apply a new scheme for washing hair. Before entering the water, spray the hair with a homemade spray made from plain water and a few drops of hair conditioner – in this way save the protective layer of the hair. After exiting from the sea or the pool, put your head down and rinse your hair with plain water before the beach are poured into a bottle. Finally, the bathroom in the hotel after you have washed shampoo and conditioner, rinse well with cold water – thus save shine.

To enjoy a beautiful and healthy hair in summer, you must include certain products for which it is known to enhance hair. Basic select ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acid – these are avocados, salmon and spinach. Between meals is better to eat more nuts, such as almonds are given priority. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body – so protect your hair from drying out.

Woman haircareAs skin needs special cosmetics to be protected from UV rays, so it is with hair. Use masks and sprays that strengthen the hair and protect it from the sun. During the summer, more than ever need to use conditioner to help prevent drying and tearing of hair – Apply the middle of the hair to the tips as you keep the roots. Do not put too much because otherwise, your hair will look greasy. When you shower, you do massage. 30 seconds scalp massage helps to remove dead cells and improve blood circulation, thereby hair grow faster. 5-6 weeks is better to visit the hairdresser, which cleans exhausted edges – so prevent tangles and breakage of hair. Last but not least, to protect hair from the sun bet on spectacular accessory – head scarf or hat to suit you not only protect the hair, but are an excellent addition to your summer look.

There are some beauty treatments associated with hair that you should limit in summer. One of them is drying your mane with a hairdryer. Heating the wet and already exhausted from the sun causes hair to frizz the hair. Replace rollers or tongs with other popular methods for creating curls without heating. Moreover temporarily you limit the amount of lacquer or mousse – stylized with nourishing spray and remember that casual hairstyle is sexy.

Quick masks for healthy hair in summer
Mediterranean mask – stir several yolks with 2-3s.l. honey and apply the mask on your hair. After 20min. rinse. Mediterranean mask is good for the scalp.
In sticky ends Filipino apply a mask – a mixture of coconut oil and a few drops of cognac. Spread the mask with a comb and wait 25 minutes. before washing.
During the summer, make nourishing mask 1 mashed avocado, 1 egg yolk, juice of 1 lemon. Apply the mask on your hair and wait 30 min., Then rinse.
To preserve the color of the hair, apply therapy with herbal tea. It is important that the beverage is free sweetener and a room temperature. Lemon tea or chamomile is good for blonde hair and black tea – dark manes. Once you have soaked hair well with tea, put a shower hat and wait 10 minutes. before rinsing.

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