Soy helps against wrinkles

Woman wrinkles   The soy is another miracle of the nature that has many useful features and benefits, but according to recent research, it contains a substance that removes wrinkles and prolong youthful skin. This natural product can really help you in the fight against the wrinkles. The soy contains the genistein, which is a natural hormone, which helps for increasing the production of collagen. It gives the skin strength and elasticity, which is important for the removing the wrinkles and stop its aging.

   Soon on the market will occur tablets or ointments on the basis of the miraculous natural hormone in soybeans. This will encourage the production of enzymes, which restart the process of skin repair and have anti-aging effect. For the purpose of the research in the experiment are involved a group of women aged between 50 and 56 years.

   The scientists note that especially during the menopause, the production of estrogen drops sharply, which accelerates the decomposition of collagen and elastin in the skin. The genistein in the soy act just like estrogen without any side effects, making it fresh and strong. Definitely this new research will help in the cosmetic industry and production of beauty products, which will treat the wrinkles.

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