Return shine of tired skin

Shine tired skinTired skin of the face is common in women arises from lack of vitamins, hormonal changes or the accumulation of stress. Fortunately, with some measures you can return the shine to tired skin, while her provide protection against all other negative processes. During certain periods of a woman’s life (menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, menopause), body reserves in her body decrease, leading to pronounced fatigue. This slows down the circulation and cellular metabolism, which in turn accelerates the aging process. And no matter how correctly eat and sleep if you do not keep your skin toned and fully rested, fatigue will turn into a permanent phenomenon.

Firstly tired skin in need of intensive and deep nourishing body and skin. Food insufficiency leads to difficulty retaining moisture in the skin and so it becomes more vulnerable to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, milk and fish. Drink plenty of water and trust of checked cosmetic brands. Keep in mind that even the best moisturizers and tonics can not be compared with natural products. So at least once a week to make masks with natural remedies.

Naturally, limit contact with enemies of the skin: tobacco smoke, alcohol, sunlight, extreme temperatures, medicines, even strict diets. If for some reason you need to stay out of any of these conditions, seek effective and intensive way to compensate for the harmful effect. Take care of circulation in the body. Note that when the blood does not circulate properly, look and feel tired. Gently massage your face with moisturizing cream. Do light circular motions with your fingertips by pressing slightly. Tapping his fingers on the entire face and in areas with a concentration of blood vessels, like playing the piano. Choose carefully your cosmetics. First age, then according to skin type and finally – as ingredients. Even if you are helpful, some ingredients may not be favorable to you than purely health reasons. Note, however, that reputable brands almost always offer a wide range of products, including universal application. Just find the most suitable for you.

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