Power of peptides in skin care

Woman peptidesIn recent years, the use of peptides as active ingredients in cosmetic dermatology revolutionized treatment of various types of wrinkles, expression lines associated with muscle contractions; wrinkles of photo-aging resulting from the action of UVA and UVB radiation on our skin; physiological and those that are the result of a metabolic disorder resulting from the aging of cells, which comprises the dissolution of structural proteins of the skin. The peptides are molecules which arise by connecting two or more amino acids linked by links called peptide, hence their name. These molecules are usually found in nature. Depending on the number of amino acids associated with such links are called oligopeptides, peptides, polypeptides and when they are more than 50 They are referred to as proteins.

The tasks of the peptides are varied. May have antibiotic functions, hormonal or function as nerve transmitters, such as to “communicate” that should produce some healthy substances when skin is damaged, help to recover damages caused by the sun, and can operate as anti-oxydants in the body. After a certain age (usually 30 years) skin stops working so actively renewing its began to decline, a process that intensifies when the body reaches 40 years of age. Collagen and elastin break down and lose fibroblasts action. When the skin starts to lose strength, appear expression lines, deep wrinkles

The peptides are those which can help the skin to produce again the substances which it needs (such as collagen, a major factor for its elasticity) to be clamped, and with a good view. Every time we laugh, cry, talking heatedly, the skin is subjected to contractions that lead to the appearance of mimic facial wrinkles, tapering every day and leaving each time a deeper trace for deletion. One advantage of the peptides is that they are smaller than the other molecules and penetrate more easily into the skin, are perceived more easily than the dermis, helping him to recover, protect it from aging and diseases that may lead a mature skin to suffer. Depending on the chain length, which form, their functions are very different.

There tetra-peptides which are very useful for improving the delicate area around the eyes and bags under them. Hexa-peptides act strongly on the so-called dynamic wrinkles, gently relax the muscles. This is the famous Argireline, a compound of natural amino acids already present in quite cosmetics, which achieved a result similar to that of botulinum toxin. Undoubtedly, the benefits of the application of the product with such ingredients are numerous: the application is external, not having to undergo painful injections and pain, Argireline not paralyze the muscle, but only leave no side effects for the skin. Once said about his “Botox effect” Some studies show that it is capable of reducing the depth of wrinkles by up to 30% within one month administration. Eyeseryl® is another peptide against bags under the eyes, which regained the skin.

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