Parenting Teen Models

Teenager modellingAs parents of models, we so overwhelmed by all the stresses in our own lives that we have become reactive, ineffective, and even helpless when it comes to understanding and helping teen models? Yet aren’t they experiencing exactly what we did? They want to belong; they want to have friends; they want to be free to be their own person; they want to try on new beliefs and behaviors; they need to understand themselves, others, and their place in the world; they want to make a difference; they want to know what they’re going to do with their lives. They want to feel loved, respected, and accepted. This is even more true for those taking part in teen modelling.

Today’s teens have all this technology that we didn’t have. They talk differently than we did. They dress differently. They pay too much attention to the media, to their friends, to celebrities. They have crazy ideas and dreams. Keep your teen model focussed and not distracted by peer pressure. However, it is important that they maintain their education while taking part in teen modelling.

If we want them to tell the truth, then we must. If we want them to respect us, then we must treat them with respect as we guide them and set limits for them. If we want them to have compassion, then we must create the experience of compassion from ourselves to them. If we want them to understand us, then we need to understand them. Whatever we want and are asking for from our teens, we need to be that. Our behaviour will be an influence for good to show them the way to move from adolescence into the maturity that adulthood needs to be.

Our teens need us to get off our cell phones and iPads, turn off the TV, the computer, and other distractive technology and activities and BE with them. We model first, then we guide them to do the same with limit setting. We can’t be a model for them when we are doing the same things we tell them not to do. “Do as I say not as I do” teaches lying, manipulation and deception.

Family meetings are a great way to communicate with your teen. This is where everyone comes together and shares what is going on in their lives, upcoming events, family projects, and things that need to be done to keep the family running smoothly. This is a great opportunity to let everyone take turns chairing the meeting and following the agenda. It is a time for everyone to give their opinion and be heard and a time to honor and validate the final decisions made by the parents after input from everyone.

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