Dead Sea minerals strength by AHAVA cosmetics

Ahava cosmeticsFrom ancient times legends of fabulous properties and intimate kept his secret by which bestows beauty and health of the great personalities like Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, King Solomon, Aristotle. Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is the richest natural spa on earth and mineral water body with ingredients with exceptional and proven regenerative properties for the skin. On the coast of this source of healing powers is the company AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, expert in the unique rejuvenating properties of the natural resources of the Dead Sea and the only company that has the right to extract materials from it. Inspired by these exceptional natural resources, on the bank of the mystic their source in 1988 AHAVA company creates its laboratories. For over 25 years her team develops high quality luxury cosmetic products from selected ingredients based on Dead Sea minerals.

What makes AHAVA so recognized and loved brand?
AHAVA cosmetics are inventors of the patented complex Osmoter ™ – the most rich in minerals and trace elements serum in the world, possessing the power to restore hydration, vitality and luminosity of the skin. This well-balanced concentrate is extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea through the natural process of evaporation under the sun, as the residual liquid has a very high concentration of the number necessary for skin minerals and trace elements, having the ability to optimize its elasticity, vitality and softness. Undoubtedly the most unique discovery of AHAVA is a patented complex Osmoter. He is the most saturated in minerals and trace elements in serum world, possessing the power to restore hydration and luminosity to the skin.

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Tender and effective micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1

micellar waterInnovative micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1 with dexpanthenol and Grape Seed Extract cleans, removes makeup from the face and eyes and moisturize in one step. it cleans extremely gentle, yet very effective. Thanks to its micelle technology, it is not necessary to rinse, and thus does not disturb the natural skin barrier.

Micelles act as a magnet: when applied to cotton swab, they surround the oil and makeup with its center, keeping the water on its surface. Thus not dry out the skin and it is not necessary to use toner after use. Dexpanthenol, known as pro-vitamin B5, turns the skin in pantothenic acid. It is known for its ability to promote the regeneration of skin, to enhance its ability to retain moisture and to strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin. Grape seed extract is created from the seeds of grapes, which contain 15% pure oil, rich in linoleic acid, lecithin and natural antioxidants procyanidin and vitamin E. Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress, and linoleic acid is known to be effective in supporting regeneration of cells and recovery of the cell barrier.

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Tips for perfect homemade manicure

tips manicureVery often the time is not enough to go to a good manicurist and enjoy beautiful nails. A home seemed so you can not achieve excellence alone. We will give you some great tips for perfect homemade manicure with art nails. One of the problems when waxing themselves, usually exit from the contour of the nail plate and nail polishing cuticles. For more not to let this mistake before to grab the nail, cuticles first smear of Vaseline shades. It is also nice to choose paints with a broad brush, so that one application to cover the nail. Another common problem is that most women do not have time to wait for polish to dry, which then leads to damaged nails. Speed ​​up the process by dip lacquered nails in a bowl of cold water or running cold jet dryer for a few seconds.

If you want longer lasting manicure, then try this trick – soak nails for a few seconds in distilled (white) vinegar. The use of top coat and limiting to two layers of colored nail polish instead of three also helps. One of the most difficult French manicure is as white line requires precise hand. To deal with this problem, with strips nails with masking tape so that leave only their tips, which can then lacquered in white.

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Repair of damaged hair

Damaged hairDrying with a hairdryer, styling, straightening, coloring, sun exposure. In his desire to do everything possible to beautify your hair, resulting in visibly disabilities. When the hydrolipid film that encloses the hair surface is damaged, the content of water and lipids in it decreases, and therefore it can not perform its protective function.

The next layer of hair intercellular cement which connects the individual cell-like flakes reduces and disappears. The cuticle cells remain unprotected and separated from each other, losing the ability to retain water and lipids. The damage to the cortex leads to the loss of keratin. Keratin in hair provides strength and elasticity. It is composed of protein chains in which damage to interrupt and cause losses of amino acids. As a result, the hair loses its strength, shine, strength and elasticity. It is rough to the touch and tear along its entire length.

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Power of peptides in skin care

Woman peptidesIn recent years, the use of peptides as active ingredients in cosmetic dermatology revolutionized treatment of various types of wrinkles, expression lines associated with muscle contractions; wrinkles of photo-aging resulting from the action of UVA and UVB radiation on our skin; physiological and those that are the result of a metabolic disorder resulting from the aging of cells, which comprises the dissolution of structural proteins of the skin. The peptides are molecules which arise by connecting two or more amino acids linked by links called peptide, hence their name. These molecules are usually found in nature. Depending on the number of amino acids associated with such links are called oligopeptides, peptides, polypeptides and when they are more than 50 They are referred to as proteins.

The tasks of the peptides are varied. May have antibiotic functions, hormonal or function as nerve transmitters, such as to “communicate” that should produce some healthy substances when skin is damaged, help to recover damages caused by the sun, and can operate as anti-oxydants in the body. After a certain age (usually 30 years) skin stops working so actively renewing its began to decline, a process that intensifies when the body reaches 40 years of age. Collagen and elastin break down and lose fibroblasts action. When the skin starts to lose strength, appear expression lines, deep wrinkles

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Cellulite treatment tips

Cellulite treatmentThere are a lot of interesting and effective ways for Cellulite treatment, which you can apply at home. You should find out why is cellulite and what will help fight cellulite. Cellulite is the result of an imbalance in the bloodstream – the production and breakdown of fat cells. Cellulite is met only it women. It occurs during puberty, during pregnancy, the use of contraceptive pills or postmenopausal. In men, cellulite does not exist, even in those with overweight because it is associated with female sex hormones that determine the particular structure of female skin. Affecting areas related to reproductive function – abdomen, thighs and hips less and upper arms.

What are the factors for the appearance of cellulite?
They are all different. Among them are: hereditary predisposition; advanced age; malnutrition (adoption of a large amount of animal fats and vegetable less, more carbohydrates, limiting fruit and vegetables); overweight; Common Weight Gain & Loss; sedentary lifestyle; hormonal disorders due to dysfunction of the ovaries, malfunction of the adrenal gland, underactive thyroid gland malfunction of the pancreas; harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol use; wearing tight clothes, because they cause disruption of blood circulation; living in a polluted environment; stressing.

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Compression garment shapewear for beautiful figure

shapewearHave you ever used a compression garment body shaper? With its help you can easily hide some flaws in the figure and at least optically to download someone and weight. Compression garments exists in all sorts of varieties. There corrective underwear chest, abdomen, hips, thighs or the entire lower half of the body. There postoperative compression garment and one that we can carry in your life if you do not like the picture. Compression garments made more sculpted silhouette, concealing certain defects of the figure

Compression garments in belt type
If you do not like your belly, you’re best to pick a compression garment a “belt”. Some ladies wear such as after birth until they go belly. In other it is a matter of desire. If you tend to accumulate weight in this area and difficult to download, the belt will help you look as good in jeans and an evening gown.

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How to hide grown hair roots?

Hairstyle rootsThe hair is growing and you have not enough time to color it, or just prefer to leave it uncolored, but still have the terrible hair roots. How to hide grown hair roots is something easy, which can be done at home with simple hairstyle or some trucks. Hairdressers to the stars share their little secret to hide the grown roots. They give more volume to hair, teased her or dried with a diffuser. More fluffy, the better, because the bulk hair distracts from appearing problem. Dry the hair with a hairdryer and combed the front. Then flatten slightly back and hold hair in a ponytail or summon her to casual bun.

Try the youthful and radiant as sections of hair zig-zag path. When the hair is straight and split on the right track, then contrast that results between the roots and the new hair color is more visible. Parting hair zigzag, you hide some of the grown roots as transfer locks dyed hair on them.

Try to hide the roots grown using the headband style 60s. Combed for more volume, curl the ends of the light curls and insert the tape. Another option is to bet on hair with a scarf hair style “The Great Gatsby”. Optionally you can tie the ends of the scarf on top of the head so as to obtain a ribbon and recreate a retro look. Last but not least are the hats – a rich collection of diverse accessory creates vision and hides imperfections in hair.

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Wedding dress according to body type

Wedding dressThe choice of wedding dress is cherished moment for any woman. However, we are all clear that in this so special day eyes, lenses and all the attention of the people are geared towards bride. Therefore, it should look more stunning. Before you dive in a variety of patterns, fabrics and decorations, however, take a deep breath and give yourself up exactly how you want to look. Our advice is not to choose a wedding dress nor according childhood fantasies or informants in wedding salons that will strongly convinced that “this is the dress.” As to the second note, it is a real rarity to find its model, which you dutifully wait on a hanger in the store. The dresses there soon will help you navigate the choices, but if you decide to get one, you’ll have to wait about a month to be applied necessary corrections. And such will be in abundance, believe us, since few women can boast a growth of over 170 cm and 60 cm below the waist. So stack up enough time, patience and a team of good friends. And here on what Models should pay particular attention according to your figure.

Body type Pear
If the upper part of your body is more slender than the lower, surely emphasize it. This can be done through bustier, V-neck or such type “boat.” As for the bottom of the dress, the most appropriate is it to be a “bell” or “princess.” Let me start by cutting the natural waist line not higher. The best stay away from models “Mermaid” or “trumpet”, because in them the emphasis is on bottom.

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Hairstyle trends for Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Hairstyle 2014-15Do you know what are the latest hairstyle trends in hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. Ponytail, bun and many braids, are just a few from the latest popular hairstyles. After seeing reviews of the biggest names in the fashion industry, we can not wait to show you the latest trends in hair is this season. Some are fast, comfortable and suitable for work. Others are much more complex, but terribly effective. Here are the latest styles for Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

Hair wet effect is back after a short absence. You can wear it parted, broken or pulled back slightly. Hair wet effect gives slightly rebellious look. If you do they ruffled will achieve sexy and mischievous style that will not go unnoticed. Hair wet effect we saw on the reviews of Phillip Lim, Dior, Thakoon and Christopher Kane.

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