Most expensive perfumes

Woman perfume   The perfumery for some people is a daily routine, and many of us reach for without thinking at that perfume that will delight us most. The perfume is unique for any woman and describes her style, forming the total vision and creating a fascinating view. Definitely the perfume shows a lot of things about the woman, but in any case it will form the whole privacy of her.

   However there are a lot of people, which are not interested by the aroma of the perfume, but mostly from the brand and the boutique uniqueness. Here we will present you some of the most expensive perfumes, which are available on the markets. Definitely these perfumes are an important accessory in the certain circles. Here are the most expensive perfumes available on the market now, so if you love the luxury things and accessories, this is the guide for you.

   Clive Christian, Imperial Majesty

   Forbes Magazine ranked it as the most expensive brand of perfumes for 2011 and its unique flavor is a privilege for only a few people in the world. To buy and bring home this royal perfume, you will need to give a royal price. The Imperial Majesty perfume cost 215,000 USD and in the world there are only 10 vials of this unique perfume.

   Chanel, Grand Extrait

   One of the top and most expensive perfumes appeared on the market last years. Grand Extrait is limited edition, which is popular among the collector, because it is rare and unique. The refined aroma of Chanel Grand Extrait is really impressive and wonderful, which is the first touch to the perfume. However, the high price is coming from the package, which is specially designed for Chanel and is really luxury. The price of Chanel Grand Extrait is 4,100 USD, which makes it second most expensive perfume on the market now.

perfume woman   Clive Christian, No. 1

   In 2001 and 2008, the perfume was on the head of the list of the most expensive perfumes in the world. Now it is located on the third place, as its price is 2,150 USD. This is the perfume, which Katie Holmes put on her wedding with Tom Cruise, as both stars are known with their lavish lifestyle.

   Caron, Poivre

   In the perfume created in 1954 and might be used both from men and women. There are just a few limited vials from it. The price of this perfume is 2000 USD and it got place number 4. The perfume is preffered from many of the Hollywood stars, who use it mostly on the red carpet and on the top official events.

   Chanel, No. 5

   This perfume is not only is it very expensive, but has a very strong position in the market because of the “invasion” over the customers. According to some data, this perfume is sold every 30 seconds, regardless of the high price of 1,850 USD. This is one of the favorite perfumes of the celebrities and the elite. The perfume has Marilyn Monroe for the face of the brand,

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