Manicure Trends for Summer 2013

Matt Manicure trends   The beauty procedure for the placement of a permanent nail color that looks like lacquer, but was fired by gel, is one of the most preferred and actual trends in manicure for the Summer 2013. Although the product Cuccio Colour Veneer is in the form of a varnish, the formulation did not contain any of the harmful ingredients, which can be found in the other common UV gel nail lacquers as nitrocellulose and all other harmful solvents. The higher technology creates armor on the nails and allows them to grow long and strong. The nails are baked with UV or LED lamp and has no drying time.

   The color trends for the season are the matte and metallic shades, which often are mixed to give a manicure and a pedicure wonderful star finish as those on the fashion podiums. The matte nails with shiny elements have yet to attend the fashion shows of famous designers and the trend is useful for day life, because has no inconvenience, but stands spectacular and memorable.

   The actual fashion colors are into the “metal” range, such as cobalt, copper, rose gold, iron, lead, copper green and red copper, but always will be actual the French manicure.

   The latest pedicure trends are the combination of natural ingredients to clear toxins and to give natural vision of your feet nails. Definitely the natural colors in nails are the main and most actual for any season.

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