How to hide grown hair roots?

Hairstyle rootsThe hair is growing and you have not enough time to color it, or just prefer to leave it uncolored, but still have the terrible hair roots. How to hide grown hair roots is something easy, which can be done at home with simple hairstyle or some trucks. Hairdressers to the stars share their little secret to hide the grown roots. They give more volume to hair, teased her or dried with a diffuser. More fluffy, the better, because the bulk hair distracts from appearing problem. Dry the hair with a hairdryer and combed the front. Then flatten slightly back and hold hair in a ponytail or summon her to casual bun.

Try the youthful and radiant as sections of hair zig-zag path. When the hair is straight and split on the right track, then contrast that results between the roots and the new hair color is more visible. Parting hair zigzag, you hide some of the grown roots as transfer locks dyed hair on them.

Try to hide the roots grown using the headband style 60s. Combed for more volume, curl the ends of the light curls and insert the tape. Another option is to bet on hair with a scarf hair style “The Great Gatsby”. Optionally you can tie the ends of the scarf on top of the head so as to obtain a ribbon and recreate a retro look. Last but not least are the hats – a rich collection of diverse accessory creates vision and hides imperfections in hair.

Hair roots hideIt turns out that sun tanning is also important for the perception of hair. For example, if you have dark roots, light hair and very pale skin, then the problem will stand out more than the combination of blond hair, dark roots and light, dark tan. Opposite is also true rule – not offering powerful tan with hazelnut hair and bright roots. If you know that you do not have time for frequent visits to the hairdresser, but you do not want grown roots you eye-catching, then Employ practical and bet on a suitable hairstyle.

Hombre option is ideal because it offers gradation of color in the hair roots and thus grown to be as “part of the landscape.” Try pouring from darker to lighter shades. Hair strands also have a similar effect. If you are a brunette, try to diversify auburn hair with caramel streaks. You can also wear your hair to one side or to customize a fake box.

Ask cosmetic shops for suitable products for hair, to hide the grown roots. These are colored sprays, hair spirals, crayons that color only unpainted hair. The other option is to get used to paint their roots alone at home, but watch the clock after you have made the paint to get two different colors

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