Dead Sea minerals strength by AHAVA cosmetics

Ahava cosmeticsFrom ancient times legends of fabulous properties and intimate kept his secret by which bestows beauty and health of the great personalities like Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, King Solomon, Aristotle. Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is the richest natural spa on earth and mineral water body with ingredients with exceptional and proven regenerative properties for the skin. On the coast of this source of healing powers is the company AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, expert in the unique rejuvenating properties of the natural resources of the Dead Sea and the only company that has the right to extract materials from it. Inspired by these exceptional natural resources, on the bank of the mystic their source in 1988 AHAVA company creates its laboratories. For over 25 years her team develops high quality luxury cosmetic products from selected ingredients based on Dead Sea minerals.

What makes AHAVA so recognized and loved brand?
AHAVA cosmetics are inventors of the patented complex Osmoter ™ – the most rich in minerals and trace elements serum in the world, possessing the power to restore hydration, vitality and luminosity of the skin. This well-balanced concentrate is extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea through the natural process of evaporation under the sun, as the residual liquid has a very high concentration of the number necessary for skin minerals and trace elements, having the ability to optimize its elasticity, vitality and softness. Undoubtedly the most unique discovery of AHAVA is a patented complex Osmoter. He is the most saturated in minerals and trace elements in serum world, possessing the power to restore hydration and luminosity to the skin.

How does Osmoter works? Its application unlocks called. osmotic pump, which is part of the natural skin mechanism. It acts as a kind of water magnet, attracting moisturizing elements from depth to the surface of the skin, thereby restoring its natural balance and hydration.
The patented complex Osmoter is incorporated in all products for face and body AHAVA. They are without parabens, SLS / SLES, petroleum and synthetic ingredients and GMOs.

Water – The waters of the Dead Sea with the highest concentration of minerals and trace elements with scientifically proven properties to restore the health of the skin (32%). In addition, the salt lake is home to Dunaliella Algae – unique microalgae known for their ability to slow aging, rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants.
Cal – unique black mineral mud from the Dead Sea, formed over thousands of years, contains high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. Today there are many scientific evidence of the miraculous properties of the mud restores elasticity and hydration of the skin and relieves symptoms such as roughness, redness and cracking.
Salts – Dead Sea salts refresh, soothe and hydrate the skin with its natural saturation of minerals. Acting in depth to grant tired muscles, reset the metabolism of skin cells for its smoothing and restructuring.
Plants – Extracts of plants thriving in the specific conditions of the Dead Sea, help maintain the natural hydration of the skin, nourish it, and soothe irritations.

Illuminating Serum Osmoter facial is specially designed to nourish the delicate skin of the face and reinforced with a triple concentration of the mighty power of the patented complex Osmoter. Several studies conducted by scientific experts AHAVA reveal the splendor and the beneficial effect of the product – it strengthens the protection of the skin from the harmful effect of UV rays and the external environment and significantly maximize the level of humidity.
The eye firming concentrate Osmoter provides bliss for the sensitive eye area. Aimed at the visible signs of fatigue, it reduces dark circles, puffiness and dryness, restores rested appearance of the skin and its glow. It contains a unique extract from Persian silk peel that restores youthful eye area. The correction Osmoter body is specially formulated to restore tired appearance of the skin, to correct the irregularities in the complexion through a combination of patented serum nourishing exotic oils – argan oil and mono unique extract brown seaweed and fruit acids to renovate action

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