Compression garment shapewear for beautiful figure

shapewearHave you ever used a compression garment body shaper? With its help you can easily hide some flaws in the figure and at least optically to download someone and weight. Compression garments exists in all sorts of varieties. There corrective underwear chest, abdomen, hips, thighs or the entire lower half of the body. There postoperative compression garment and one that we can carry in your life if you do not like the picture. Compression garments made more sculpted silhouette, concealing certain defects of the figure

Compression garments in belt type
If you do not like your belly, you’re best to pick a compression garment a “belt”. Some ladies wear such as after birth until they go belly. In other it is a matter of desire. If you tend to accumulate weight in this area and difficult to download, the belt will help you look as good in jeans and an evening gown.

Compression garments in shorts type
If you do not like your thighs, grab your shorts firming. This type of compression garment is suitable when you breeches or just your hips are loose.
Imagine Bermuda clamping wedge. You can wear under trousers or another wedge to your legs look weaker. Usually pants with length above the knee. Some models are a combination of belt and shorts. You have a double success.

shapewear womanCompression garments for the whole body
There are also patterns compression garment that tighten your thighs, hips and stomach simultaneously. Compression garments for the whole body harvested the body in all these areas. The options here are two simple. Underwear with legs that go above the knees, as long as under the bust and attaches with silicone tape. But often even a little sweat, bar slides down dials and becomes very uncomfortable to wear. Alternatively whole compression garment is to be with straps. So there is no danger of landslides. The disadvantage of a compression garment for the whole body that is uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. Most models have to strip completely, you can go to the bathroom.

How to choose the correct size compression garment?
Choosing the right size compression garment is very important. If you take a smaller size lingerie will tighten too much and feel uncomfortable all day. If you take a larger size, there will be no tightening effect. So before you go shopping for a compression garment, measure home waist, hips and thighs or only zone where will buy a compression garment. So with the seller will be able to find the appropriate size. Buy Compression garments from specialist shops. You will have to spend a little bit more money, but it worth. Cheaper imitations of compression garment is often granted after several washes and can no longer be used.

How long can you wear the body shaper?
If you’ve never worn a compression garment, wear it at the beginning 2-3 hours. Gradually increase the time until you get used. It is not recommended to wear a compression garment during sleep.

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