Colorful dramatic makeup

Colorful Dramatic makeup   The official and formal makeups are quite different than the daily ones, as they require more precisely and careful applying. Such kind of makeup should be dark and shining, but to be elegant and not too glitter. The dramatic smoky makeup is exactly what we are talking about. it is proper for night or more official events, but also can be used for not so formal ones. So if you want to be colorful, shining and really beautiful check out this makeup and definitely will look impressive and beautiful.

   How to apply Colorful dramatic smoky makeup

   1. After applying the shadows base, put a black foundation.

   2. On the whole eyelid put bright green shades with shiny particles. Put a little of them on the lower eyelid.

   3. Over the green shadows apply matt purple ones. Do not try to follow any particular form, but just watch the shadows not to be too much outside. From this shadows put some on the lower eyelid too.

   4. Decant the purple shades with a clean brush with white or body shadows. In the outer part of the lower eyelid put some of the green shadows.

   5. With soft black eyepencil draw a line on the upper and lower eyelids. It is not necessary to be ideal straight, but just try not to cover too much from the green shadows.

   6. Use brush with tapered tip and make a dramatic line.

   7. Under tail of the eyeliner put gold and sparkly shadows. Put some of them also into the inner edge of the eyes.

   8. Fix the black pencil, as with the same tapered brush put a matt black shadows.

   9. The only one, which you need to do is to put black eyepencil in the waterlines and your favorite mascara.

   This makeup is simple and really effective. As you may see, it is colorful and shining, so will be according to the trends for this Spring and Summer. Do not overdo with the makeup during the hot seasons, as you might get the negative effect.

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