Coffee mask for cellulite treatment

Woman Celulite treatment   The cellulite is a problem for many women, and we all want to look fantastic for the hot seasons, like Spring and Summer. You need to eat regularly and healthy, to exercise daily and to have active lifestyle to get rid from the orange peel. However, there are a few tricks, which will help you to reduce the cellulite and temporarily to look fascinating and hide all the signs of the orange peel. Caffeine shrinks temporary the blood vessels, making the skin looking smoother and firmer. This is the effect, which you need before your vacation and before going to the beach. At the most important is that you can make such procedure at home, without spending a lot of money and time in the beauty salons.

   To prepare the caffeine mask, you need of half cup coffee grounds, quarter cup of brown sugar and a little olive oil. Mix the coffee and the brown sugar to get a homogeneous mixture. Brush with olive oil the problem zones and over it apply the coffee mixture with circular motions. Apply the mask while making massages to exfoliate the skin. After that rinse with cold water.

   This procedure should be done regularly to have bigger and better effect, but not too often, as the mask may dry out your skin too much. The coffee mask is healthy and using the trash products, getting the natural advantages and effects from the ingredients.

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