Cellulite treatment tips

Cellulite treatmentThere are a lot of interesting and effective ways for Cellulite treatment, which you can apply at home. You should find out why is cellulite and what will help fight cellulite. Cellulite is the result of an imbalance in the bloodstream – the production and breakdown of fat cells. Cellulite is met only it women. It occurs during puberty, during pregnancy, the use of contraceptive pills or postmenopausal. In men, cellulite does not exist, even in those with overweight because it is associated with female sex hormones that determine the particular structure of female skin. Affecting areas related to reproductive function – abdomen, thighs and hips less and upper arms.

What are the factors for the appearance of cellulite?
They are all different. Among them are: hereditary predisposition; advanced age; malnutrition (adoption of a large amount of animal fats and vegetable less, more carbohydrates, limiting fruit and vegetables); overweight; Common Weight Gain & Loss; sedentary lifestyle; hormonal disorders due to dysfunction of the ovaries, malfunction of the adrenal gland, underactive thyroid gland malfunction of the pancreas; harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol use; wearing tight clothes, because they cause disruption of blood circulation; living in a polluted environment; stressing.

How to fight cellulite?
Select the correct diet! Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, all canned foods. Minimise salt. Recommended foods rich in antioxidants. These are products containing vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene and zinc. In anti-cellulite diet should include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread, nuts and fish. It is recommended to eat lean meat, animal fat is replaced with vegetable (olive oil). Set aside one day a week in which to give a chance for the body to rid itself of harmful substances. Leave salty and heavy foods in the refrigerator. Drink plenty of herbal or green tea, Eat fruit servings. Use every spare minute to do some exercises – squats, lifting your fingers or just a slight movement of the legs and hips. Of course in cellulite treatment can include some of the cellulite cremes, which will help your skin to be soft and beautiful.

Cellulite is a problem of connective tissue, which are deposited slag, bloating her and she loses its elasticity. If your job requires you to stand in a sitting position, you can deal with lack of exercise 30 minutes walking, swimming, gym, or jogging. Tested efficient trick every day after work to lift your legs high for 5 minutes, or alternating warm with a cold shower

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