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Eyebrows makeup according to face shape

Jessica AlbaEyebrow shaping is an art, so many women refuse to try “talent” and visit a beautician. He did accordingly formed vezhditv according facial features. See the most important rules eyebrow face shape.

Square face features with sharp features, so the idea is to brows do not more angular. To do so, groom bushy eyebrows, following their natural line without lifting them up because it can make your face shape more square. Stars who have a square face and follow this principle: Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, Olivia Wilde.

Requires round face shape eyebrows, where the curve is raised slightly upwards, forming a high arc and the ends are tapered. The goal is the person to acquire more elongated shape, and to highlight the eyes. Stars who have a round face and eyebrows are shaped so Lily Collins, Fergie and Kristen Dunst.

Long face needs level eyebrows, without spelling of the arc and lifting. The aim is face shape not look as extended as it is. Moreover, it is desirable that the hair of the eyebrows to maintain shorter and less dense. Stars with equal eyebrows and a long face are Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen and Liv Tyler.

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Beauty tips for choosing foundation tan

girl foundation tanFoundation tan is really complicated cosmetics and most of the women are feeling really confused, when need to choose the proper product. He can give you some interesting tips for Foundation tan cosmetics, choosing the most proper and most related to your vision and style.

Foundation tan is one of the few cosmetic products should always test. Often consultants in stores mislead you and make you test foundation on your hand. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. First because the color of the skin of the arm is often darker than that of the person. Another reason is that the very skin – the face is softer and foundation tan is applied and absorbed in it different. Go to the store with a clean face. You need to be removed any remnants of foundation. You can only put moisturizer. Apply foundation or the whole face or jaw line. Blend well and go to natural light. This step is very important because artificial lighting in stores can be very misleading.

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Highlighter Makeup beauty tips and advantages

highlighter makeupHighlighter Makeup is one of the new cosmetic products, which are not much popular. We will help you to see the advantages of its use and how it is applied, from our simple beauty tips. A makeup, powder, bronzer, foundation, and now highlighter – how he is different from the products listed. The makeup highlighter is not any need for such a day cream or as the basis for the makeup, but if you use it, will definitely notice the benefits.

With his help hide pigmentation, dark circles and bags under the eyes, do complexion is smooth and your skin look younger and vibrant. Furthermore, this product has the ability to nourish and moisturize the skin, thereby strengthening it. The idea of the highlighter is to make corrections on the face – therefore placed only in certain areas and not the entire face. When choosing highlighter must decide to what texture it looking – cream, powder or liquid. The choice depends on what basis are the rest of your cosmetics. Be careful with nuances. Like the powder and foundation, the highlighter also available in different shades. Depending on your natural skin color, and the problems that you want to hide, navigate to a specific range.

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Beauty tips for lasting makeup

Beauty makeupOften spiral smearing, to pencil erases, lipstick disappear at the end of the evening and when you look in the mirror does not look like that beautiful girl who came out a few hours of its resemblance. The truth is that if you plan to be out longer then need to pass more care of her makeup. Here we will give you some beauty tips for more resistant makeup.

Start by preparing your skin. For this purpose it must be clean, dry, well maintained and fresh. Never apply a new layer of makeup on an old, because this will only worsen the situation. If you’re tired and you want to tone your skin, go face with ice cubes and dry. Place day cream according to skin type you have. So deal with oily or dry skin accordingly. Moreover day cream will moisturize your skin, so makeup will “engage” more easily. Note the T zone (forehead and nose) as they are the most problematic and sensitive.

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Top makeup trends Fall 2013

Smokey eyesWhat are the trends in makeup for Fall 2013? Wine red lips with chocolate undertones, thick eyebrows drawn, colorful look, fresh skin and natural makeup effect “smoky eyes” – top makeup trends Fall 2013.

Wine red lips with chocolate undertones
Red lips are always a hit, but this fall gives way to the bright red wine red shade that blends into the chocolate. Lips contrasted perfectly matte skin.

Thick outlined eyebrows
Retro captured and makeup. Thick outlined eyebrows are the top trend. You can use pencil, eye shadow or even brocade importantly the focus is on the eyebrows.

Colorful view
The eye make-up in bright colors is normally spring-summer trend, but this time the autumn surprise us with unique colorful combination. Colored mascara is also an absolute hit.

Fresh skin and natural makeup
Also the spring-summer trend in autumnal version. The skin is fresh wet effect makeup in natural colors, almost imperceptible.

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Colorful dramatic makeup

Colorful Dramatic makeup   The official and formal makeups are quite different than the daily ones, as they require more precisely and careful applying. Such kind of makeup should be dark and shining, but to be elegant and not too glitter. The dramatic smoky makeup is exactly what we are talking about. it is proper for night or more official events, but also can be used for not so formal ones. So if you want to be colorful, shining and really beautiful check out this makeup and definitely will look impressive and beautiful.

   How to apply Colorful dramatic smoky makeup

   1. After applying the shadows base, put a black foundation.

   2. On the whole eyelid put bright green shades with shiny particles. Put a little of them on the lower eyelid.

   3. Over the green shadows apply matt purple ones. Do not try to follow any particular form, but just watch the shadows not to be too much outside. From this shadows put some on the lower eyelid too.

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Beauty Tips for brides

Bride Asdis Ran   The wedding day is one of the biggest and most exciting events in your life. There very little time to this memorable day and you want every detail to be polished and everything should be perfect. Every girl is dreaming about the perfect wedding and to be the most beautiful bride. That is why, we will try to give you some really important beauty tips, which will help you to be wonderful and to have a dream wedding. The details are important and during the organization of the wedding they are too much. You should spend a lot of time in organizations, choosing the proper wedding dress, shoes, makeup and etc. And with so much work, you may miss some important things. That is very important and the main reason to try to give you tips in organizations, beauty and fashion.

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