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Beauty tips for lasting makeup

Beauty makeupOften spiral smearing, to pencil erases, lipstick disappear at the end of the evening and when you look in the mirror does not look like that beautiful girl who came out a few hours of its resemblance. The truth is that if you plan to be out longer then need to pass more care of her makeup. Here we will give you some beauty tips for more resistant makeup.

Start by preparing your skin. For this purpose it must be clean, dry, well maintained and fresh. Never apply a new layer of makeup on an old, because this will only worsen the situation. If you’re tired and you want to tone your skin, go face with ice cubes and dry. Place day cream according to skin type you have. So deal with oily or dry skin accordingly. Moreover day cream will moisturize your skin, so makeup will “engage” more easily. Note the T zone (forehead and nose) as they are the most problematic and sensitive.

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Beauty masks with chocolate and cocoa

Cholocate MaskThe combination of chocolate and cocoa sounds tasty, but in no case to take advantage of the culinary qualities of these two divine product, will experience their effect on skin and hair. Find useful pet masks chocolate and cocoa. For starters have to say that domestic cosmetics use only dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content. Only he, due to the composition of flavonoids in cocoa can supply your skin with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Chocolate lowers stress and thus stimulates the production of collagen, so it can be used for rejuvenating therapy.

Vitamins A, C, D and E and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc chocolate make the skin softer, have a nourishing and moisturizing effect. Flavonols do (type flavonoids contained in cocoa) are antioxidants that deal with free radicals, protect skin from harmful UV rays and improve blood circulation, so that the skin becomes shiny and soft to the touch.

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Natural tricks for beauty

Mary Elizabeth Winstead beauty   There are a lot of cosmetic products, which help you in skincare and will moisturize the skin, treating wrinkles and first lines of age. Actually can replace the expensive cosmetic procedures, cremes with extracts of snake blood and lotions with exotic herbs with the natural beauty products, which can be found in your home. All the women want a youthful and fresh appearance, but the way to achieve it can be done cheap at home with natural products, which will not hurt your cells and will not intoxicate your skin. The natural products are well known from ages and used centuries ago, before developing of the modern cosmetic industry. The proper combination of some extracts and products will burn the fats, treat the cellulite and wrinkles. This can be done easily without the expensive and painful procedures, which usually are bought by most of us.

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Grapefruit mask against wrinkles

Grapefruit mask wrinkles   The small wrinkles can be removed at home without the expensive creams and beauty treatments. Over the years with the aging the skin loses its elasticity, and the first wrinkles appear first on the place, which are mostly being over the harmful reaction of the UV-rays. Such places from the body are the face, neck and hands. The deep wrinkles can be treated only with expensive procedures into the beauty saloons or cosmetics or with surgery but the small ones can removed at home.

   The Grapefruit is the best friend in the fight against the wrinkles. The recipe should be done twice a week for a month and will give you a fresh vision with significantly reduced wrinkles. You need to grind the rice grains and to mix them with the grapefruit juice and a spoonful of yogurt. The resulting creamy mixture apply on the face and neck and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water and you will have really fresh vision and lower number of wrinkles.

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Coffee mask for cellulite treatment

Woman Celulite treatment   The cellulite is a problem for many women, and we all want to look fantastic for the hot seasons, like Spring and Summer. You need to eat regularly and healthy, to exercise daily and to have active lifestyle to get rid from the orange peel. However, there are a few tricks, which will help you to reduce the cellulite and temporarily to look fascinating and hide all the signs of the orange peel. Caffeine shrinks temporary the blood vessels, making the skin looking smoother and firmer. This is the effect, which you need before your vacation and before going to the beach. At the most important is that you can make such procedure at home, without spending a lot of money and time in the beauty salons.

   To prepare the caffeine mask, you need of half cup coffee grounds, quarter cup of brown sugar and a little olive oil. Mix the coffee and the brown sugar to get a homogeneous mixture. Brush with olive oil the problem zones and over it apply the coffee mixture with circular motions. Apply the mask while making massages to exfoliate the skin. After that rinse with cold water.

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