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Summer haircare tips

Woman hairThe hair also is exposed to stress from the change of seasons and the new temperature conditions. How to keep your hair healthy and soft as silk – see our Summer haircare tips. UV rays, high humidity, seawater – these are all factors that can turn your holiday in hell for your hair. In the absence of adequate care, it becomes dull, dry, shredded, all entangled and looks exhausted.

Although sea water is rich in minerals, in combination with the sun, it can be the enemy of healthy hair. Even more dangerous may be water in the pool if the chlorine content is higher. For this purpose you need to apply a new scheme for washing hair. Before entering the water, spray the hair with a homemade spray made from plain water and a few drops of hair conditioner – in this way save the protective layer of the hair. After exiting from the sea or the pool, put your head down and rinse your hair with plain water before the beach are poured into a bottle. Finally, the bathroom in the hotel after you have washed shampoo and conditioner, rinse well with cold water – thus save shine.

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Holiday hairstyle

Holiday hairstyleHoliday hairstyle emerged as a hit hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2015, according to stylists in Hollywood. What holiday hair and how to make it – that our ideas and advice on the topic. As the summer sun sometimes causes inconveniences such as burns and dry skin, it can not be denied that it has its advantages. Besides beautiful tan, the sun in the summer and gives us a holiday hair. It occurs when the sun lighten individual strands of hair while you collect tan on the beach or sunbathing. As a result, the hair acquires different hues and shades. It turns out that holiday hair can now make and in hairdressing salons. Hombre new hairstyle called because of the nuances that flow into the hair. They are produced when painting streaks instead of one using several colors hair dye. Finally, when you exit the gym will look like, your hair will look like you spent all day on the beach.

Holiday hairstyle is modern, because relies on natural radiation – a hit in makeup and hair styles for spring / summer 2015. Compared with blond streaks on brown hair that was fashionable a few years ago, or umbrella, which was putting on dark hair and light ends here the difference is not as drastic, because nuances are close and into each other. You can get great looking hair without huge expense with cheap tigi hair products.

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Repair of damaged hair

Damaged hairDrying with a hairdryer, styling, straightening, coloring, sun exposure. In his desire to do everything possible to beautify your hair, resulting in visibly disabilities. When the hydrolipid film that encloses the hair surface is damaged, the content of water and lipids in it decreases, and therefore it can not perform its protective function.

The next layer of hair intercellular cement which connects the individual cell-like flakes reduces and disappears. The cuticle cells remain unprotected and separated from each other, losing the ability to retain water and lipids. The damage to the cortex leads to the loss of keratin. Keratin in hair provides strength and elasticity. It is composed of protein chains in which damage to interrupt and cause losses of amino acids. As a result, the hair loses its strength, shine, strength and elasticity. It is rough to the touch and tear along its entire length.

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How to hide grown hair roots?

Hairstyle rootsThe hair is growing and you have not enough time to color it, or just prefer to leave it uncolored, but still have the terrible hair roots. How to hide grown hair roots is something easy, which can be done at home with simple hairstyle or some trucks. Hairdressers to the stars share their little secret to hide the grown roots. They give more volume to hair, teased her or dried with a diffuser. More fluffy, the better, because the bulk hair distracts from appearing problem. Dry the hair with a hairdryer and combed the front. Then flatten slightly back and hold hair in a ponytail or summon her to casual bun.

Try the youthful and radiant as sections of hair zig-zag path. When the hair is straight and split on the right track, then contrast that results between the roots and the new hair color is more visible. Parting hair zigzag, you hide some of the grown roots as transfer locks dyed hair on them.

Try to hide the roots grown using the headband style 60s. Combed for more volume, curl the ends of the light curls and insert the tape. Another option is to bet on hair with a scarf hair style “The Great Gatsby”. Optionally you can tie the ends of the scarf on top of the head so as to obtain a ribbon and recreate a retro look. Last but not least are the hats – a rich collection of diverse accessory creates vision and hides imperfections in hair.

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Hairstyle trends for Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Hairstyle 2014-15Do you know what are the latest hairstyle trends in hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. Ponytail, bun and many braids, are just a few from the latest popular hairstyles. After seeing reviews of the biggest names in the fashion industry, we can not wait to show you the latest trends in hair is this season. Some are fast, comfortable and suitable for work. Others are much more complex, but terribly effective. Here are the latest styles for Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

Hair wet effect is back after a short absence. You can wear it parted, broken or pulled back slightly. Hair wet effect gives slightly rebellious look. If you do they ruffled will achieve sexy and mischievous style that will not go unnoticed. Hair wet effect we saw on the reviews of Phillip Lim, Dior, Thakoon and Christopher Kane.

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Hairstyle trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Jennifer Lawrence ponytail hairstyleThe healthy, well-maintained and styled hair is equally important for the style of a woman as well-chosen clothing. The latest trends in hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2014 are really impressive and you should follow them if you want to be attractive during the holiday.
The classic ponytail changed its image and moved down to the lower head. For Spring/Summer 2014, the designers have decided that a simple hairstyle will bring more advantages of the ladies than extravagant buns and high ponytail. Polished back with road side, with volume at the roots or fluffy down, or just casually pinched.
The side path is also one of the top trend in hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2014. Firstly, styling hair to one side resembles the trend in the 80s and 90s the other – brings mysterious element as partially conceals a woman’s face. Fans of this trend Emilio Pucci, Stella McCartney, Fendi and Christian Dior.
The braided hair is a fashion and very comfortable, so shallow are among the leading trends in hair. Make a royal braid – Venice, similar to the collections of Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. Also you can choose casual, slightly unkempt herringbone braid as that of Rebecca Minkoff. Tight braid from the collections of Diesel is also an option. Do not forget to add accessories to luxury.
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Beauty Tips for brides

Bride Asdis Ran   The wedding day is one of the biggest and most exciting events in your life. There very little time to this memorable day and you want every detail to be polished and everything should be perfect. Every girl is dreaming about the perfect wedding and to be the most beautiful bride. That is why, we will try to give you some really important beauty tips, which will help you to be wonderful and to have a dream wedding. The details are important and during the organization of the wedding they are too much. You should spend a lot of time in organizations, choosing the proper wedding dress, shoes, makeup and etc. And with so much work, you may miss some important things. That is very important and the main reason to try to give you tips in organizations, beauty and fashion.

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Most attractive women hairstyle for the men

Megan Fox hairstyle   The women with long brown hair are the most attractive for the men, according to an exhibition head by a British newspaper. The actress Megan Fox was designated as the hottest woman with such hairstyle and definitely is one of the most attractive celebrities for the men. She was followed by another famous actress – Jennifer Aniston. In the research participated more than 1500 men from Great Britain and Western Europe, who were asked to respond about their preferences to women and their hairstyles. More than 62% from all the men asked, selected long hair and 56% selected the brown hair. According to the journalists, who took this research the men fell mostly for long brown hair ladies, as most of the half of all interviewed people like it.

   The celebrities, which are most attractive for the men were Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Elle Macpherson and Kim Kardashian. Definitely this shows that the men are going away from the models and prefer women with more flamboyant shapes.

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