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Gisele Bundchen presented her lingerie collection Intimates

Gisele Bundchen lingerieThe Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen, who in April this year announced it was withdrawing from the catwalks seems not given up completely on fashion. The beauty model presented its new lingerie collection, under the brand Gisele Bundchen Intimates. The 34-year-old Bundchen attributed to one of the most successful models in the world, posing with her underwear, showing that its withdrawal from the podium not prevent her to be one of the sexiest women in the world.

The collection has a rich palette of colors, mostly white, cream, navy blue and burgundy. The line is clean and classic, as flee from youthful color and signal tones for summer. On the contrary, the collection is stable and mature women who know how to look tempting. The new collection of underwear and lingerie consist of panties, bra, nightwear and accessories for hotter and more beautiful style. Definitely will fond of the beautiful collection of Gisele Bundchen Intimates, which will meet you with high quality model and really great designs.

Fashion dress tips for Summer 2015

Summer dress tipsThe dress is the perfect garment for summer. Keeps cool, it highlights the feminine curves and is found in different colors and prints that make summer wardrobe more colorful and fresh. Starting with the top fashion dress tips for Summer 2015 we should pay attention to the Maxi dress. It is inspired by bohemian fashion and style of the 70s. New in this season it is that it is made of light and airy fabrics, lace or even tulle. The trend noticed in brands such as Chloe, Etro, Valentino. Tribal motifs, flowers and pastel colors are predominant in maxi dresses this summer.

If you are not afraid of shorter lengths, then take advantage of this trend for summer 2015. The ultra short dresses are also highly relevant, as designers offer different models – with A silhouette asymmetrical, straight body, with a V-neck or boat type . Bright colors are a plus.

White is among the mandatory colors every summer. A white summer dress of cotton or lace is among the top trends for the season. Except that radiates tenderness and innocence, the white dress offers many opportunities to experiment with accessories in other shades.

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How to choose proper swimsuit for Summer 2015

Swimsuit summer 2015To look perfect on the beach is mission number one for the summer. The choice of bathing depends on many factors, but making the right decision can condemn the “mission” of success or failure. See what you should consider when choosing a bathing suit. The color of the swimming suit should match that of the skin and the color of your hair, so that every detail of your beach look to be in harmony with others. For example, if you have red hair and fair skin freckles, then choose bathing in blue or green and avoid patterns in orange or yellow. In case with fair hair and light skin moderate, then bet on red or bathing in the shade of earth colors, but forget the model in black or gray to not look pale or even sickly. If you have dark skin and dark hair, then you are heirs of oriental beauty. Highlight it with bathing in soft pastel colors and dispose of your wardrobe models in white or beige. If you have dark hair and light skin but then try to swim in different shades of blue or fuchsia color or plum. Dark hair and light skin suit moderate colors like yellow and purple, but do not go bathing in beige or olive green.

It turns out that the choice of color swimsuit somewhat responsible and the nature of its owner. Sporty talking about energetic nature, do not like to stay in one place, you are rarely female vanity, but still want the convenience and your great pleasure to spend time on the beach in collective games. Animal print swimsuit with hints for your a fun attitude. Love summer because associate it with light-heartedness, merriment, parties. This model speaks of determination and daring. Swimsuit with flower print is often chosen model. Usually he alludes to soft and romantic kind, more timid and shy, in vain, but interesting and a good character. Swimsuit in two parts with different colors hinting that are bold and confident. Do not be afraid to experiment, nor be afraid of attention. Creative and you love to stand out from the others in the herd.

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Compression garment shapewear for beautiful figure

shapewearHave you ever used a compression garment body shaper? With its help you can easily hide some flaws in the figure and at least optically to download someone and weight. Compression garments exists in all sorts of varieties. There corrective underwear chest, abdomen, hips, thighs or the entire lower half of the body. There postoperative compression garment and one that we can carry in your life if you do not like the picture. Compression garments made more sculpted silhouette, concealing certain defects of the figure

Compression garments in belt type
If you do not like your belly, you’re best to pick a compression garment a “belt”. Some ladies wear such as after birth until they go belly. In other it is a matter of desire. If you tend to accumulate weight in this area and difficult to download, the belt will help you look as good in jeans and an evening gown.

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Wedding dress according to body type

Wedding dressThe choice of wedding dress is cherished moment for any woman. However, we are all clear that in this so special day eyes, lenses and all the attention of the people are geared towards bride. Therefore, it should look more stunning. Before you dive in a variety of patterns, fabrics and decorations, however, take a deep breath and give yourself up exactly how you want to look. Our advice is not to choose a wedding dress nor according childhood fantasies or informants in wedding salons that will strongly convinced that “this is the dress.” As to the second note, it is a real rarity to find its model, which you dutifully wait on a hanger in the store. The dresses there soon will help you navigate the choices, but if you decide to get one, you’ll have to wait about a month to be applied necessary corrections. And such will be in abundance, believe us, since few women can boast a growth of over 170 cm and 60 cm below the waist. So stack up enough time, patience and a team of good friends. And here on what Models should pay particular attention according to your figure.

Body type Pear
If the upper part of your body is more slender than the lower, surely emphasize it. This can be done through bustier, V-neck or such type “boat.” As for the bottom of the dress, the most appropriate is it to be a “bell” or “princess.” Let me start by cutting the natural waist line not higher. The best stay away from models “Mermaid” or “trumpet”, because in them the emphasis is on bottom.

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Baby Modelling: How to Set Up a Great Shot

Girl ModelAll parents think that their baby is the most beautiful, so why not try some of these tricks while making your baby modelling sample shots. Baby modelling might just be the start of your baby’s road to stardom.

When taking shots, make sure you capture your budding baby model’s personality. The best pictures will show who your baby is, not just what they look like. Get their favourite toys out and quietly take pictures as they play in their cot or on their play mat. Being the fly on the wall can be the key to getting a natural looking baby modelling shot. Keeping perspective is important, work the angles. If you’re shooting downwards, your baby will look like they have a massive head and small feet. Professional photographers will crouch down or lie on the floor and look up the way for the best baby modelling results. Most people end up a bit too far away from their subject. Make sure you’re close enough by setting up your shot and then taking two steps forward.

Broaden your horizons and get in the habit of looking all around the frame before you click the shutter to make sure nothing will look out of place. You don’t want the pizza box from last night poking into the corner of the photo.
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Palmers presented revolution swimsuit

Woman swimsuitThe Austrian market leader for underwear Palmers presents revolutional model that will completely change the industry swimsuit. Lotus technology is the result of consumers’ desire to enjoy even greater comfort after bathing and whenever out of the water. Lotus is an innovative water-repellent material with nanostructure, which does not absorb moisture and helps water to drip (ie. Lotus effect). Swimwear from both series with attractive design of Mykonos and Beach Dream have new hydro pads with lifting effect not retain water and dry in no time.

Marketing Director of Palmers, Susanne Stissen said that the new technology allows Palmers matter dries to six times faster than other similar materials and thus increases the pleasant experience as soon as you exit the water. In other words: more pleasant feeling to the skin and increased wearing comfort.

Become a Successful Baby Model

Child modelFor parents of baby models that have what it takes to join the modelling industry, they must have a passion for it and the determination to pull it off. This passion will enable them to persevere even when times are hard. Many people think that modelling is all about the glamour and style but you have to also be prepared to travel and face rejection.. Most models have had to go through hard times before they finally made it. If this is your dream, you should get as much information as possible to help you find your way in the industry. The best decision you can make is finding a reputable baby modelling agency. The agency will help you to get modelling jobs that will open the doors into the modelling world.

Agency Interviews

Auditions for baby models are different from acting because you do not need to speak in front of cameras or memorize lines. You do, however, need to have a portfolio containing photos or a comp card which are up to date. Baby modelling photos should be updated frequently as baby change so fast so quickly. Include some head shots and full photographs in different poses. It is important to look your best during the audition. Do not wear too much make-up as the agencies like to see what they are working with.
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How to Become a Fashion Model

Baby modellingAssuming you’re not as connected as Cara Delavigne, or as lucky as Kate Moss and your still not famous past your 18th birthday worry not, the game is not over yet. Fashion models are both male and female models that wear the latest trends in fashion and exhibit them at fashion shows. The fashion world sees constant changes by the turn of the season, and all of the latest designer clothing and trends are adorned by these fashion models. Generally, a fashion model is the prime focus of attention at fashion shows, they are the centre of attention.

A good fashion model oozes confidence. They are a reflection of the clothes they wear. Fashion models have to take a great deal of criticism and commenting from others, so it is very important that they are able to control their temper and keep themselves composed – remember, they may be just criticising the clothes. However, a great fashion model will have a great deal of popularity and fame, and be featured in many magazines.

Therefore, it is very important that you are able to show yourself as an example to others. Generally, the experienced models of the modelling agency that get a better response and are more easily recognized are the ones that get to wear the latest fashion that everyone else wants. Many of the models also get contracted by various fashion houses and designer firms depending on their look. Fashion models can even get to model exclusively for the fashion house only, making it easy for the designers to get exclusive modelling from these models.

If you wish to enter the female modelling world as a fashion model, the first thing that you will need to do is to apply in a modelling agency that will support you and believe in you. Moreover, your exposure will increase as you will get to meet new people within the industry, making it easier for you to get along and make some contacts with other influential people within the industry. Don’t be afraid to network and make friends. Once you are able to establish yourself within the industry, things will become easier for you.

Adidas newest Sport collection

Adidas tenis   The German brand for sports fashion Adidas presented its newest collection fort Spring/Summer 2013 from the series Clima365. With the approaching of the summer heat all the athletes will surely need some cool during their exercises. This summer Adidas offers for the real fans of sports improved equips from the line Clima365. They will keep the body temperature, protect it from overheating, and will provide the necessary comfort to achieve the best results, regardless of the weather conditions. Clima365 is innovative technology of Adidas, which is used for the production of special fabrics in clothing and footwear for sports. The new technology keeps the skin dry during training and gives the body the necessary comfort. Clima365 is line, which ensures the high class sports dresses and top comfortability for actively engaged in sports people, but most of all is directed to the athletes.

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