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Beauty tips for choosing face cream

woman face creamChoosing and buying a face cream is extremely important and hides many risks. Find out how to choose your face cream. Face cream should be consistent with the obligatory skin type.

How to determine skin type?
If you feel your skin tight after the most simple washing with water and can not tolerate soap, then dry. If shine and pores are enlarged – so greasy. Mixed skin type is oily on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks normal. It requires special care to not become dry or too moist. Examination of skin sensitivity. Spend with the blunt side of a pencil line on the cheeks. If immediately after the disappearance – everything is fine. If you noticed after a few minutes, and the skin is red and swollen, it signals that are needed special care. If your skin is sensitive, you should take a product designed just for it.

Day or night cream?
Daily cream will protect your skin from the effects of the environment, will moisturize and neutralize shine. You can use it as a base for makeup. The night cream will renovate and restore the skin while you sleep. During sleep smooth out any damage caused by fog, wind and cold during the long day. Do not forget to apply a quality night cream after carefully you cleaned makeup.

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Dead Sea minerals strength by AHAVA cosmetics

Ahava cosmeticsFrom ancient times legends of fabulous properties and intimate kept his secret by which bestows beauty and health of the great personalities like Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, King Solomon, Aristotle. Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is the richest natural spa on earth and mineral water body with ingredients with exceptional and proven regenerative properties for the skin. On the coast of this source of healing powers is the company AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, expert in the unique rejuvenating properties of the natural resources of the Dead Sea and the only company that has the right to extract materials from it. Inspired by these exceptional natural resources, on the bank of the mystic their source in 1988 AHAVA company creates its laboratories. For over 25 years her team develops high quality luxury cosmetic products from selected ingredients based on Dead Sea minerals.

What makes AHAVA so recognized and loved brand?
AHAVA cosmetics are inventors of the patented complex Osmoter ™ – the most rich in minerals and trace elements serum in the world, possessing the power to restore hydration, vitality and luminosity of the skin. This well-balanced concentrate is extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea through the natural process of evaporation under the sun, as the residual liquid has a very high concentration of the number necessary for skin minerals and trace elements, having the ability to optimize its elasticity, vitality and softness. Undoubtedly the most unique discovery of AHAVA is a patented complex Osmoter. He is the most saturated in minerals and trace elements in serum world, possessing the power to restore hydration and luminosity to the skin.

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Tender and effective micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1

micellar waterInnovative micellar water NIVEA 3 in 1 with dexpanthenol and Grape Seed Extract cleans, removes makeup from the face and eyes and moisturize in one step. it cleans extremely gentle, yet very effective. Thanks to its micelle technology, it is not necessary to rinse, and thus does not disturb the natural skin barrier.

Micelles act as a magnet: when applied to cotton swab, they surround the oil and makeup with its center, keeping the water on its surface. Thus not dry out the skin and it is not necessary to use toner after use. Dexpanthenol, known as pro-vitamin B5, turns the skin in pantothenic acid. It is known for its ability to promote the regeneration of skin, to enhance its ability to retain moisture and to strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin. Grape seed extract is created from the seeds of grapes, which contain 15% pure oil, rich in linoleic acid, lecithin and natural antioxidants procyanidin and vitamin E. Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress, and linoleic acid is known to be effective in supporting regeneration of cells and recovery of the cell barrier.

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Return shine of tired skin

Shine tired skinTired skin of the face is common in women arises from lack of vitamins, hormonal changes or the accumulation of stress. Fortunately, with some measures you can return the shine to tired skin, while her provide protection against all other negative processes. During certain periods of a woman’s life (menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, menopause), body reserves in her body decrease, leading to pronounced fatigue. This slows down the circulation and cellular metabolism, which in turn accelerates the aging process. And no matter how correctly eat and sleep if you do not keep your skin toned and fully rested, fatigue will turn into a permanent phenomenon.

Firstly tired skin in need of intensive and deep nourishing body and skin. Food insufficiency leads to difficulty retaining moisture in the skin and so it becomes more vulnerable to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, milk and fish. Drink plenty of water and trust of checked cosmetic brands. Keep in mind that even the best moisturizers and tonics can not be compared with natural products. So at least once a week to make masks with natural remedies.

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Body-Slim Cure Minceur Express

Anti CelluliteLierac Laboratories have developed Body-Slim Cure Minceur Express, which is an innovative serum for body shaping with express intense action against cellulite and body fat. The combination of 10% active caffeine and extract of ginger activates the release of fat, due to the impact on the concentration of enzyme desnutrin whose primary function in the human body is to start the lipolysis by hydrolysis of stored triglycerides. The lipolytic activity of caffeine in the formulation is increased by 15 times, and as a result – the release of the fat cells by 533%. The patented by Lierac complex WTB System (sacred lotus, white willow and biotechnology peptide) affect adipocytes to break down stored fat. Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the 7th day of application of serum. The serum should be applied to the problem areas morning and evening on dry skin. Texture and flavor son, transparent gel-serum, which is immediately absorbed by the skin without being greasy. The original serum can be found in the cosmetics webstore of WeCare. The cryotherapy agent in the formula has a refreshing effect immediately.

Specially formulated intensive serum intended for:
women who seek express effects and faster results even in deep cellulite and body fat,
women who start a diet and looking for a product to enhance its effects,
women seeking immediate effect a week before the holiday.

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