Body-Slim Cure Minceur Express

Anti CelluliteLierac Laboratories have developed Body-Slim Cure Minceur Express, which is an innovative serum for body shaping with express intense action against cellulite and body fat. The combination of 10% active caffeine and extract of ginger activates the release of fat, due to the impact on the concentration of enzyme desnutrin whose primary function in the human body is to start the lipolysis by hydrolysis of stored triglycerides. The lipolytic activity of caffeine in the formulation is increased by 15 times, and as a result – the release of the fat cells by 533%. The patented by Lierac complex WTB System (sacred lotus, white willow and biotechnology peptide) affect adipocytes to break down stored fat. Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the 7th day of application of serum. The serum should be applied to the problem areas morning and evening on dry skin. Texture and flavor son, transparent gel-serum, which is immediately absorbed by the skin without being greasy. The original serum can be found in the cosmetics webstore of WeCare. The cryotherapy agent in the formula has a refreshing effect immediately.

Specially formulated intensive serum intended for:
women who seek express effects and faster results even in deep cellulite and body fat,
women who start a diet and looking for a product to enhance its effects,
women seeking immediate effect a week before the holiday.

Action 1 – Release of Grease:
10% active caffeine
4% extract of ginger,

Action 2 – Breakdown of fat:
2% complex WTB SYSTEM – patented by Lierac complex of sacred lotus, white willow and biotechnology peptide
The formula contain cryotherapy agent (action by cooling) – for immediate refreshing effect.

After application:
90% smoother skin
78% astringent
75% toned skin

After 7 days of dosing:
To 3.1 cm. The reduction in waist circumference.

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