Beauty tips for lasting makeup

Beauty makeupOften spiral smearing, to pencil erases, lipstick disappear at the end of the evening and when you look in the mirror does not look like that beautiful girl who came out a few hours of its resemblance. The truth is that if you plan to be out longer then need to pass more care of her makeup. Here we will give you some beauty tips for more resistant makeup.

Start by preparing your skin. For this purpose it must be clean, dry, well maintained and fresh. Never apply a new layer of makeup on an old, because this will only worsen the situation. If you’re tired and you want to tone your skin, go face with ice cubes and dry. Place day cream according to skin type you have. So deal with oily or dry skin accordingly. Moreover day cream will moisturize your skin, so makeup will “engage” more easily. Note the T zone (forehead and nose) as they are the most problematic and sensitive.

Beauty girl makeupTake care of your lips. If they are dry or cracked, lipstick will not keep them long. It’s nice once a week to make peeling lips. Moreover, it is desirable before bedtime and in the morning before going out, put lip balm to keep them soft. Invest your money in quality cosmetics. It is important base for makeup and powder are good and durable because they largely depend on how long it will last your whole makeup. Choose creamy products for dry skin and dry to oily. Before applying shadow on eyelids, pass them lightly with icing. In this way the shadows will be erased so easily. The same goes for eyelashes and mascara. Do not put more than 3 layers of mascara, because the more stratified it is, the greater the chance of blur.

Use eyeliner instead of eyeliner as pencil erase easily. First draw eyelid eyeliner pen hard, then go top with liquid eyeliner. Always apply lipstick with a brush because so distribute it more evenly on the lips. To have a lasting lipstick, then apply first a layer of it. Then with a brush put a little powder on the lips and finally place the second layer of lipstick or gloss. Remember that lipstick liquid texture are more durable, so always sealed with a lipstick gloss if you want to spend longer. Outlining the lips with a pencil also helps more lasting makeup.

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