Beauty tips for choosing foundation tan

girl foundation tanFoundation tan is really complicated cosmetics and most of the women are feeling really confused, when need to choose the proper product. He can give you some interesting tips for Foundation tan cosmetics, choosing the most proper and most related to your vision and style.

Foundation tan is one of the few cosmetic products should always test. Often consultants in stores mislead you and make you test foundation on your hand. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. First because the color of the skin of the arm is often darker than that of the person. Another reason is that the very skin – the face is softer and foundation tan is applied and absorbed in it different. Go to the store with a clean face. You need to be removed any remnants of foundation. You can only put moisturizer. Apply foundation or the whole face or jaw line. Blend well and go to natural light. This step is very important because artificial lighting in stores can be very misleading.

foundation tanProperly selected foundation should you stand like a second skin. There should be no differences in color, something you can check by applying foundation from the lower jaw to ensure that there is no big difference between the color of the neck and the color of the foundation.

Skin conditionally can be divided into several types – dry, oily, normal (combined), sensitive and aging. Skin type should be considered when choosing a foundation. It is possible for different seasons you need a different foundation. It is possible in the summer your skin is very oily, and winter is rather combined etc. On dry skin you need foundation with hydration. It is also possible to use a foundation with glycerin, which can be applied easily and evenly without reapply cream base. For oily skin you need matte finish. Read the label, it is important foundation tan is no added oils. Otherwise it will not stay long on your skin and make your face unnaturally shiny. If you have normal skin the most suitable foundation for normal skin is creamy. For sensitive skin choose foundation of mineral base. All other options can cause redness and itching. On aging skin you should be aware that over the years the amount of collagen in the skin decreases and it looks different.

There are different types of foundation, depending on how much roof you have:
Lightweight – the lightest foundation like moisturizer. Its aim is rather to evens rather than conceals blemishes or scars. There is very little durability – about 2-3 hours. Its advantage is that it does not clog pores and erase easily
Average – the average foundation is suitable for hiding small pimples or acne scars faded. Often to enhance the effect of hiding him, you can apply concealer underneath
Heavy – heavy foundation is applied to the skin with very serious scars. Often there are large amounts of dust. His biggest drawback is that it is difficult to remove from skin. To download a dense foundation of individual well try in three steps – cleansing milk, washing gel and finally tonic or rose water to soothe the skin.

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