Beauty tips for choosing face cream

woman face creamChoosing and buying a face cream is extremely important and hides many risks. Find out how to choose your face cream. Face cream should be consistent with the obligatory skin type.

How to determine skin type?
If you feel your skin tight after the most simple washing with water and can not tolerate soap, then dry. If shine and pores are enlarged – so greasy. Mixed skin type is oily on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks normal. It requires special care to not become dry or too moist. Examination of skin sensitivity. Spend with the blunt side of a pencil line on the cheeks. If immediately after the disappearance – everything is fine. If you noticed after a few minutes, and the skin is red and swollen, it signals that are needed special care. If your skin is sensitive, you should take a product designed just for it.

Day or night cream?
Daily cream will protect your skin from the effects of the environment, will moisturize and neutralize shine. You can use it as a base for makeup. The night cream will renovate and restore the skin while you sleep. During sleep smooth out any damage caused by fog, wind and cold during the long day. Do not forget to apply a quality night cream after carefully you cleaned makeup.

Moisturizing or nourishing?
In winter your skin needs extra nourishment, while the summer heat is important to hydrate. Here the choice depends on the needs of the skin. Try to determine this before you enter the store. If you are unsure, consult a dermatologist or beautician. But do not give in to gimmicks or reservations of the shopkeeper. It is important not how good cream, but whether it is suitable for your skin.
Pay attention not only on the expiry date, but the period in which you must use the product after opening it (it must also be stated on the package). Because once you go, the active ingredients reduce its effect. Definitely is very important to get only high quality products like Neutrogena, which guarantee the full effect for your skin.

Tips for better effect of face cream
Not a good signal, if in any new product feel the tension, tingling or burning sensation on the skin. In these cases it is obvious that the product is not for you, and has an inner reaction in depth. The efficacy of any of the cream is not disclosed a few days should elapse average of about two months. This is the period required for the skin to understand and accept new messages from the active ingredients. At least three weeks are needed by the cells to be watered deeply, and about three more weeks passed until the new cells of the dermis reach the surface. Remove dead cells. They prevent the cream to penetrate deeply and actually decreased rather its effect. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week, but do not abuse it, not to tease her. It is enough to make a light peeling before applying aftercare. Put compresses. Water the sterile compresses moisturizing serum and put on clean face before you put on your day cream. Compresses will reinforce the protective barrier around the eyes, will smooth the nasolabial folds (between the nose and mouth) wrinkles type “crow’s feet” and the effect of anti-aging cream will double. Refresh yourself with moisturizer. Obtain the thermal spray water, it gives comfort and glamor. If you want to enhance moisturizing effect, spray the morning before you put cream. Take it from a close distance, allow to dry for a few minutes and the rest dry with a cosmetic tissue.

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