Beauty Tips for brides

Bride Asdis Ran   The wedding day is one of the biggest and most exciting events in your life. There very little time to this memorable day and you want every detail to be polished and everything should be perfect. Every girl is dreaming about the perfect wedding and to be the most beautiful bride. That is why, we will try to give you some really important beauty tips, which will help you to be wonderful and to have a dream wedding. The details are important and during the organization of the wedding they are too much. You should spend a lot of time in organizations, choosing the proper wedding dress, shoes, makeup and etc. And with so much work, you may miss some important things. That is very important and the main reason to try to give you tips in organizations, beauty and fashion.

   Start the preparation for the wedding early

   The preparations for the wedding should begin at least two months in advance in order to prepare it perfect. You should not miss any details, or to leave things for the last moment. To do this well, make a list with the necessary things regarding the wedding day. Mention absolutely all the details inside and mark those things which are already made and those, which are not. This is really important if you are organizing the wedding alone, without the help of an agent.

Bride Asdis Ran   Do not overdo with the tan

   If you really need to made a bronze tan, at least be careful to be moderate and not to overdo with it. Except that there is a risk of damaging the skin, the too dark tan can look unnatural in wedding photos and can seriously harm your wedding day. Forget about the tan sprays is you want to be natural. This is one of the worst and irreparable mistakes. To look good start going to solarium, but to be sure that will be great on the wedding photos, better to make a testing photo-session with the dress and accessories. Sometimes the dark tan and white dress may look really terrible and will brake the whole moment.

   Do not make big changes at the last minute

   It is not a good idea to change the shape and color of your hair or eyebrows at the last day before the wedding. If you insist on making some changes it is better to make it at least a week before the wedding in order to have enough time to fix any undesired results. Also sometimes the changes in the hair and makeup might not be so proper with the dress you had already choose. That is the main reason to advice you, to make small changes and not in the last day, because the result might be opposite.

Bride   Find proper beautician, hairdresser and manicurist earlier

   Do not wait the last moment with the choose of your beautician, hairdresser and manicurist for the big day. Find them earlier and make a testing makeup for the wedding. See how you will look with such makeup earlier and make a few photos with it. It is good to be ready and be sure with the result. Also try to make a testing hairstyle together with the makeup and will have better look to your total vision.

   Drink a lot of water

   Double the water intake at least 1 month before then wedding day. This will help your skin to be softer and more beautiful. Limit the pre-wedding celebrations and cocktails to keep your fresh vision and to give a rest to your skin. The fresh skin and the fresh vision is one of the most important things which will make you look beautiful on your wedding day.

   Carefully choose the wedding makeup

   The wedding makeup should be durable, to fit the wedding concept and to make you more beautiful than you are. So far you have makeup and you look perfect. But when you put that magical wedding dress, your makeup will not seem very successful. And as we advices you before definitely before the wedding day, do a trial makeup. The makeup and the hairstyle should endure for a very long time, so better just trust to the professionals.

Wedding day   Do not treat your hair with хair сtraightener or hair products before the wedding day

   To have the desired hairstyle, the hair should not be treated with any products or devices. It just should be cleaned and natural. Better just wash your hair before the wedding night. In this way you will be ready for the hairstyle and will have more time on the next day, which will be very busy for you.

   Be careful with the shoes

   Do not use new shoes for the wedding day. Stretch your shoes before the wedding day or buy one size larger pair of shoes. Better choose comfortable ones, as otherwise may have really terrible moment during the magical day.

   Do not cry

   The tears (even if they are from happiness) will damage your wedding makeup. It is almost sure that you will get touched and tears will gush forth suddenly, so it is important to know how to cry properly. Keep a tissue in your hand. Click the tissue in the tear duct to absorb the tears. In this way, your face is protected from friction, which will ruin your beautiful makeup.

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