Most attractive women hairstyle for the men

Megan Fox hairstyle   The women with long brown hair are the most attractive for the men, according to an exhibition head by a British newspaper. The actress Megan Fox was designated as the hottest woman with such hairstyle and definitely is one of the most attractive celebrities for the men. She was followed by another famous actress – Jennifer Aniston. In the research participated more than 1500 men from Great Britain and Western Europe, who were asked to respond about their preferences to women and their hairstyles. More than 62% from all the men asked, selected long hair and 56% selected the brown hair. According to the journalists, who took this research the men fell mostly for long brown hair ladies, as most of the half of all interviewed people like it.

   The celebrities, which are most attractive for the men were Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Elle Macpherson and Kim Kardashian. Definitely this shows that the men are going away from the models and prefer women with more flamboyant shapes.

   Of course, each woman has its own beauty and own style, which might be attractive for certain group of men. So we always advice to be beautiful and to be natural. Only this can guarantee that you will be attractive for the men around.

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